Honeycomb Mead

Honeycomb Mead

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This was a Covid project born by chance, a collaboration between twin beekeepers Jason and Jacob, FBC owner Tim and the fellowship trained Neurologist Dustin Smyth.  What a combo!   We are happy to share our amazing Beekeeper's Secret mead with you all!  


Its exact origins are unknown, but some texts show ancient Greeks consumed a honey-and-water mixture as a way to honor the goddess Aphrodite — one reason why it’s referred to as the “nectar of the gods.” It’s also thought that Nordic Vikings celebrated battles and long voyages with mead. More recently, historians believe it originated anywhere from 20,000 to 40,000 years ago in Africa, when tribes would drink the liquid created by honeybees that took up residence in hollowed-out tree trunks.

In early England, mead was often infused with herbs and thought to aid in digestion or improve depression, and during medieval times, honey wine was an essential part of a new marriage. In fact, the term “honeymoon” comes from mead — after marriage, a couple was supposed to drink this honey liquid as a way to boost fertility.

375ml bottle available for shipping in NYS or local pick up at 1044 University Ave, Rochester NY (normal business hours or by appointment)