2024 Old Glory Mug with '24 Mug Club

2024 Old Glory Mug with '24 Mug Club

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Behold!  The 2024 Mug has arrived and it sure is beautiful!  We haven't had a new mug since Covid hit in 2020 so this is really special.  You will notice it doesn't look like the others, and we spared no expense.  There are only 24 of these available so don't wait.  At the end of 2024 the mug is yours to take home, but during the year it fills at 22oz every single time you grab a beer, regardless of the beer.  Those are the rules.  This mug comes with some perks!


(This Mug Club is for Fairport location only)


What are the awesome benefits?

  • First free pour with the purchase of the Membership of any beer you want!
  • The keepable mug-is yours to keep.  We just keep it on the wall in Fairport during your membership.  We will also have a loaner waiting for you at the factory at 1044 University for you and a guest when you visit.  
  • You get 22oz beer for the price of a pint (37% more beer with every pour)
  • Free fill for every new draft flavor we release
  • $1 discount on beer and kombucha drafts on Wednesdays all year long
  • $2 discount on all 64oz growler fills for beer and kombucha
  • $3 discount on all 32oz Crowler fills
  • $3 discount on all 22oz bottled beer (includes brewer reserves!)
  • $1 discount on 1lb bags of FBC high octane Liq-Mo® coffee when available
  • 10% off all food menu items at any FBC Taproom
  • 10% off Rattlesnake Pete’s Soda 6 packs to go
  • 25% discount on all in-house ticketed events at any FBC Taproom

All new members Mugs will be installed at the Fairport Tap Room first week of January, 2024 and your first beer is on the house!